Dane techniczne ZD-700

Chest freezer type: ZD-700 it is shop freezer designated for freezing and also for storing of frozen products and ice cream in warehouses, catering business, school shops, petrol stations etc. Chest freezers produced by our company have stronger construction and cooling system, thicker isolation. The casing is made of sheet metal coated with PVC which provides the best resistance to scratch and corrosion. We produce also freezers made of stainless steel.


Usable capacity dm3650
Power supply V/Hz220-240/50
Installed capacityW130
Cooling medium  R290
Number of baskets Pcs. 2
Storage temperature oC-18 ÷ -22
Range of ambient temperatureoC16 ÷ 32
Defrosting system manual
Mechanical lock or operated by remote control On order
Freezing capacitykg/24h52
Maintenance of temperature while interruption in energy supplyh24
Signalling of lack of required temperature in standard version  Orange lamp


Dimension [mm]

Data for transport

Packaging dimensionsandweight
Packaging dimensions LxSxH(m)weight NET (kg)weight GROSS (kg)
2,06 x 0,77 x 0,90100115

Our devices are made according to standards:
PN-EN 60335-1:1999+A14:2001+A2:2001
PN-EN 60335-2-24:2000
PN-EN 55014-1:2001
PN-EN 61000-3-2:1997
PN-EN 61000-4-2:1999+A2:2003
PN-EN 61000-4-4:1999A1+A2:2003
PN-EN 61000-4-5:1998+A1:2003
PN-EN 61000-4-6:1999
PN-EN 61000-4-11:1997+A1:2002
PN-EN 61000-3-3:1997

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Zamrażarki skrzyniowe zapleczowe ZD

Nazwa / Karta katalogowaPojemność NETTOLLwSSwHHwOpakowanie LxSxHWaga NETTOWaga BRUTTO
ZD-150168 dm37806506954738406750,85 x 0,70 x 0,904352
ZD-200210 dm39157856954738406751,00 x 0,70 x 0,904555
ZD-250239 dm310108806954738406751,06 x 0,70 x 0,904960
ZD-350305 dm3122910996954738406751,28 x 0,70 x 0,905365
ZD-450363 dm3124211127685538406751,28 x 0,77 x 0,905871
ZD-600497 dm3157214427685538406751,63 x 0,77 x 0,907587
ZD-700650 dm3200018707685538406752,06 x 0,77 x 0,90100115


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